couple using app

Some people say that technology is ruining relationships.

We text instead of call. We update Facebook instead of sending cards. We put photos on Instagram instead of putting them in frames.

But technology can also bring us together. Whether it’s finding the perfect date night dinner or spicing things up in the romance department, couples can use technology to be and feel more connected.

The world is meant to be experienced, but it’s a big place, so what do you want to do first? HeyLets brings together a community of locals and travelers who share tips on some of the best restaurants, clubs, scenic hikes and other experiences a city has to offer. Just select your interests – 45 to choose from – and start scrolling through your feed of fun things to do. This app can introduce couples to the overlooked activities in a city or region.
iOS – Android

It’s 6:30pm and you want to go on a dinner date. You work on the east side of town and your partner works on the west side of town. Where do you meet? midPoint can figure that out. Simply enter your current location (or two addresses) and the app will find the exact center for the best meeting place. This mobile app can also suggest nearby restaurants, movie theaters and more.
iOS – Android

This networking app is made specifically for couples. Whether you and your partner are new to an area or new to a hobby, the app allows couples to meet other couples with the same interests. Once signed up, couples can create groups, share messages or see other couples that are out having fun.
iOS – Android

Our Groceries
Has this happened to you? You head to the grocery store for milk, eggs and bread, but you can’t remember if there’s enough coffee for breakfast. Luckily your partner added a pound of freshly roasted beans to the Our Groceries app, so you know to get some. The app keeps a single grocery list for all of its users so no one forgets what to buy at the store. (Longtime couple can attest that this could save a relationship!)
iOS – Android

Desire – The Game for Couples
You can have a little fun with your relationship by making a game out of it. Desire is a love game for couples where the goal is to win points by completing dares sent to you by your partner. The more dares you complete, the spicier they get. There are up to 20,000 dares, so you won’t run out of sexy things to do any time soon.
iOS – Android

Let’s say Justin Timebrlake is playing a sold-out show tonight and you forgot to buy two tickets. You could find some scary scalper outside the venue or you could spend hours finding tickets on a re-sale website. SeatGeek saves you time (and money) by searching multiple ticket re-seller sites. It’s sort of like Travelocity for event tickets. SeatGeek also has maps of venues, allows purchased tickets to be saved to the app and allows you to share tickets with friends.
iOS – Android

Tender – Social Food
That’s not a typo. This is Tender, not Tinder. Tender is a cooking and recipe app that will get you and your sweetheart cooking dinner together. Swipe right to keep a recipe and swipe left to get rid of it forever. There are filters too, so if you want to make chicken or if your partner is vegetarian or vegan, you won’t have to scan through unwanted recipes.
iOS – Android

As fun as it can be cooking together, it can be just as fun staying on the couch and letting food come to you. The ride-sharing service Uber is behind UberEats, a food-delivery service now available in more than 50 cities around the globe. And if you’re really in a hurry to start that next season of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix, UberEats offers an Instant Delivery Menu with “signature dishes” from select restaurants that can be delivered in 10 minutes or less in some cities.
iOS – Android

Because asking how someone’s day went can get old after the 10,000th time, there’s the Chatoms app. Using a collection of hypothetical questions, Chotoms is sure to help get the conversation started and get couples talking. Here’s an example: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 50 duck-sized horses? Well, we’re waiting…
iOS – (No Android)

Twenty million global users can’t be wrong! Between is one of the most popular couples apps on iPhone and Android. The app gives couples a private space to share photos, videos and messages. You can also synch calendars and create a “special day” counter to remind both of you just how long you’ve been together.
iOS – Android