Coffee makes couples happy… literally. Forgo decaf because caffeine has been shown to trigger the production of dopamine in the brain and, thus, trigger (warm and yummy) cheeriness, a lovely ingredient indeed. Coffee shop dates are awesome, but sipping hot java alongside your love at home can be hot too. Coffee lovin’ couples: drink up these brew-tastic finds:

1. Merlot-Infused Coffee

As if you need another excuse to love brunch! Try beans aged in oak wine barrels for rich berry flavors with hints of currants.

2. Toddy Cold Brew System

Cold brew is taking coffee drinkers by storm because it can brew a deeper, less acidic and more subtle flavor. Taste the difference?

3. Donut Warmer Coffee Mug

This is a match made in heaven (just like your love)! Coffee bliss sealed with a donut kiss – yes please.

4. I Love You A Latte

Drink up this adorable mug set. You can customize designs by adding a name or date to the decorative text.

5. Lion Sugar Bowl & Unicorn Creamer

Because don’t you just need whimsical kitchen gadgets? Strong creatures for strong coffee.

6. Coffee Mug & Wine Glass Rack

Cheers to easy access to your favorite a.m. and p.m. beverages!

7. Frother

This magic wand transforms coffee drinks into frothy delights. Milk mustaches are sexy… no grooming required.

8. Glass French Press

Brighten your morning with a dark brew using this classic, easy-to-use press.

9. Salted Caramel Syrup

Salty and sweet…delish. Drizzle into your coffee or even over pancakes.

10. Combination Coffee & Espresso Machine

If you’re a divided household – team coffee vs. team espresso – unite with this dual machine.

11. Keurig Carousel

Take a spin on the flavor wheel. This stocked caddy lets you choose your flavor mood with ease.

12. Newton Sugar & Creamer Combo Pourer

Pass the sugar… AND creamer. This funky and functional piece is 2-4-1 awesomeness.

13. “Instant nice person, just add coffee” Kitchen Towel

Guarantee niceness from your partner with a cup of coffee and kitchen humor.

14. “Coffee Bar: Love is brewing” Décor

This rustic sign serves up ‘house blend coffee’ flare.

15. Engraved Coffee Spoons

Stir up some fun with vintage coffee spoons etched with flavorful slogans like “This is How We Brew It.”

16. Coffee Recipe Book

Drink up 100 coffee recipes, including delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts and classy coffee martinis.

17. Starbucks Coffee Candle

Spark things up with coffee aromas burning a soy candle made from a recycled iced coffee glass bottle.

18. Coffee Koozie

A coffee date dressed to impress?! Keep your coffee toasty with a warm sweater wrap.

19. Coffee Liqueur Making Kit

Home kits are a fun way to work together. Check out this brew-tastic DIY infusion kit.

20. Tall Boy Irish Coffee Mugs

After dinner glassware is perfect for coffee cocktails or iced coffee ice cream floats.



Nancy DeVault is the managing editor of Date Night Guide and a contributor to publications such as Babble, AmeriDisability Services Magazine and Orlando Magazine. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and toddler.